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Soap Router Beveled Tool

5" Extra Wide surface bed for tall and skinny molds.

22 different key designs

Deep cutting edges

Sturdy surface bed with a side 90-degree angle to keep your bars straight.

Fast and easy to use.

2 sided for easy use of both left and right-handed.

Tips – Soap needs to be firm. Do not use soft bars.

Bars must have straight squares and edges.

Wipe down the surface if debris collects, or your bar will catch on it, causing drag lines.

Not for bars with hard particles, as they will cause the bar to drag.

Bars must be 4.95” or less on the longest side.

SMELL - I use a laser cutter to cut each piece. After Covid, I could no longer get the proof grade less fume materials. The material I am using is Acrylic and will put off a burnt smell when cut with a laser. Remove the paper from the keys and pin. The smell should go away. If you can still smell it, wipe them down.

Shipping and processing time. - I do make these per order. It takes me 2 days to cut and clue each box. All US sales will be shipping Priority Mail, which is 2-3 days depending on delays. International Shipping has been taking longer in some countries. 1-3 weeks, but I have been seeing up to 8 weeks. I'm sorry for the delays. I have no control, once the items leave the US.

Soap Router Edge Cutting Tool