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  • Soap Mold - Tricks to using a Soap Mold without a liner
    Soap Mold - Water discount your recipe, force gell. Place inside freezer for 1-hour and break loose.
  • Soap Mold - Putting on the cap for the first time.
    Looser hose clamp, using a flat screwdriver. Press cap on, using lots of force. Your mold cap will slip on easier, when used more and more.
  • Pull through discs, how to make kaleidoscope Soap?
    For this technique, you need a vertical column mold. You will pour at medium light trace. I like to use squeeze bottles and extensions to center each color as perfect as possible. Alternate colors on top of each other in the center. Best results are to contrast light to dark colors.
  • Pull Through Disc Care instructions
    Please remove all paper from the discs before use. We leave the paper on, to ensure save shipping.
  • Soap Router how to use
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