This lamp has 4 different sides.  You can rotate to what design you like.  There is a Fawn, Elk, Moose, Bear.  I cut it with plywood MDF board.  The inside is fully wired, and has a 3 mode Fire Flame bulb.  You turn off and on to get the setting you like.  The bulb is also LED and does not get hot.  The cord has a toggle switch to turn to each mode.  8' cord to read where you would like place your lamp.  The size is 11.5" Tall by 6" Wide and each side.  Its seem to be cozy and just in time for the winter.  Would look wonderful in a Rustic or cabin decor.  If you would like to see a live video of how it looks check out my Facebook page, Wild Plantanica Deer Lodge.  May take 2-4 days to put together. 

Wildlife Forest Fire Lamp 4 Sides Elk Deer Bear Moose