This box lamp has been cast in Epoxy Resin.  This ensured the detailed laser cut will not break in the center of the tree.  I placed LED 8 mode copper fairy lights inside.  You can set a timer for them to turn on at the same time daily.  They will run 8 hours and then shut off 16.  There are 8 modes you can set the light at and you can also dim them brighter or less.  These newer lights last a long time on one set of batteries AAA.  They are not like the ones made few years back and would be dead in 3-4 days.  THey last several weeks if turned on daily 8 hours.  Great for taking to places you have no power.  Off Grid Cabin, Camping, ect.  The size of the box is 9" tall by 8" wide by 3" deep.  Light weight and made with Natural wood.  May take 2-4 days to make

Tree of Life Box Lamp Battery Operated Fairy Lights 8 mode Timer