Pull Through Soap Kit Molds, Extensions, Squeeze bottle, side mounting discs.  Free Priority Shipping in the US only.  International Shipping for flat rate runs between $50-60.  Please contact me for a quote, before purchasing.  Each kit will come with 4x 16oz. bottles, 8x 10ml Pipettes. 2 Rubber Caps with tightening hose clamps, 2 stainless rods 10.5" long,  10 different side mount discs.  2x 3" PVC Pipe Molds (10.5") Can be use in the oven at your lowest setting.  The Squeeze bottles give you more control, and Pipettes give you an extension to reach the center.  Each Mold will hold about 25oz. to 30oz. of Oils.  Filling Both you can use a 3.5lb oil recipe.  You will get about 18x 4oz. 1" cut bars total.   Here is a link on how to set up your kit.  Click Here.  


Kaleidoscope Pull Through Soap Technique.  You will need a slow-moving recipe.   Basic.  20% Coconut oil, 40% Lard, 40% olive oil.  5% Super Fat, and 28% water.  Soap temperature around 90 degrees Fahrenheit.  Here is a recipe I like to use.  20% coconut oil, 25% Lard, 10% Cocoa Butter, 40% Olive oil, 5% Caster.  5% Super Fat, and 26% water.  Vegan - 23% Coconut oil, 15% Shea Butter, 10% Cocoa Butter, 45% Olive Oil, 7% castor oil.  You can calculate your own, you want to be close to or have 40:60 Ratio to Saturated and Un-saturated fats.  Also use sodium lactate, 1 teaspoon per pound oil.


Figuring out you Volume for your mold.Pi (3.14) x Radius x Radius x Length x .4 = OZ. SO, in a 3" PVC mold the Radius is 1.5"If you use lbs. in Soap calc. Take your oz. and divide by 16. 16oz in a lb. So, let us say my mold is 13" tall. Here is the mathPI (3.14) x 1.5 x1.5 x 13 x.4 = 36.738oz. Want lbs. 36.738/16 = 2.296lbs. Round up or under.


After you pour you need to gel. If you did not line your mold, gel, or water discount you will have to wait days to unmold.This is the key of getting the loaf out of the tube. If your mold will fit in your oven upright, use it. Put oven to 170, put plastic wrap over the top and shut off, Don’t over heat in oven, PVC will melt.I like to use buckets with heating pads. I place my mold inside, turn on heating pad and cover with another bucket. I watch for gel and do not let it get to hot or you will get tunnels.


Once cooled, you can place inside the if freezer it will not break loose. 1 hour. I drop the mold on a hard surface to break loose. If it is still stuck but moves some, I use soup can push inside PVC MOLD to pop it out. If soap it is still frozen, wait for it to thaw before you cut.

Best ResultsPour Batter in center, alternating colors. Batter should be medium light trace.To Thick, will not pour. To thin, colors will mix, no results.Use a slow-moving recipe. Do not use Essential oils that speed up trace.Videos to watch.


Kaleidoscope Pull Through Soap Kit 3" Molds, Extensions, Squeeze bottle.