Flower Kaleidoscope disc designs for 2.75" or 3" column mold.  Each disc is cut with 1/8” acrylic plastic.  You will have to remove the paper off both sides.  I leave it on during shipping to ensure the discs do not break. 

Kaleidoscope Pull Through Soap Technique.  You will need a slow-moving recipe.   Basic.  20% Coconut oil, 40% Lard, 40% olive oil.  5% Super Fat, and 28% water.  Soap temperature around 90 degrees Fahrenheit.  Here is a recipe I like to use.  20% coconut oil, 25% Lard, 10% Cocoa Butter, 40% Olive oil, 5% Caster.  5% Super Fat, and 26% water.  Vegan - 23% Coconut oil, 15% Shea Butter, 10% Cocoa Butter, 45% Olive Oil, 7% castor oil.  You can calculate your own, you want to be close to or have 40:60 Ratio to Saturated and Un-saturated fats.  Also use sodium lactate, 1 teaspoon per pound oil. 

Round Bars Mold Volume Calculations - Pi (3.14) x Radius x Radius x Length x .4 = OZ.  This gives you how many ounces you need for each mold.  For square and rectangle bars here is the formula for volume. Width x Width x Length x .4 = Oz. 

For this technique you need a vertical column mold.  You will pour at medium light trace.  I like to use squeeze bottles and extensions to center each color at perfect as possible.  Alternate colors on top of each other in the center.  Best results are to contract light to dark colors.  If you are using a PVC or ABS mold, leave about ¾” from the top of the mold unfilled, so you can break the soap out later.  Fill the molds and once they are full, pull up the stainless-steel rod slowly.  Cover the molds and try to force gel.  This makes the batch more firm and easier to unmold.  If you are still having issues removing, place mold inside the freezer about 1 hour and then try to remove. 

Other tips – Use a headlamp flashlight to see inside the molds while filling. 

Kaleidoscope Pull Through Soap Technique 3" and 2.75" Mold Round