Flower Soap Pull Through Tool and 2lb. Soap Mold with cap.  14" Round 3" PVC soap mold.  This is an advance soaping making technique.  You will need a slow moving recipe to pour layers to get the design.  You will have to fully gell your PVC tube by using heating pads or higher temps.  One 14" PVC mold with Cap that tightens with hose clamp.  One metal all thread rod to attach plastic cut strainer.  One Instruction sheet.  You can watch my video on you tube on technique.  This mold holds a little over 2lbs of oils.  Shipping to the lower 48 only.  No international shipping.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnFl_ApdCoU&t=22s

Flower Soap Pull Through Tool & mold KIT to make Artisan soap bars